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Manos' Specials

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Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are available for purchase at Manos Greek Restaurant.  To purchase a Gift Certificate, in any amount, call Manos at 419-244-4479.

Athenian Feast

The Athenian Feast is a wonderful four-course dinner served family-style that provides a family or group of friends the enjoyment of a feast in a relaxing atmosphere.    

The Athenian Feast includes:
Greek Salad,
Lentil or Chicken Egg Lemon Rice Soup,
Chicken Oregano
Spinach Pie
Green Beans
Rice Pilaf
Rice Pudding or Baklava
Bread and Butter
Non-alcoholic Beverages

The Athenian Feast can be purchased as a gift for your family and/or friends for $25 per person.  Tax and gratuity are not included in the purchase.  Call
419-244-4479 to reserve your date for an Athenian Feast and prepare to enjoy!


The Mediterranean diet has been cited over and over again as one of the healthiest ways to eat.  The olive oil, garlic and vegetables that are staples in Greek cuisine make dining at Manos a healthy, delicious choice.

See Manos' complete
 vegetarian dishes by clicking here & scrolling on our Lunch Menu or Dinner Menu.
      Tabbouli                                       Spinach and Rice             Feta Cheese Quiche       
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